Lewy Finnegan has joined Pride Bodyboards

To kick start 2010, Pride has collected the highly lucrative signature of WA super Grom Lewy Finnegan.

He joins one of the hottest young teams in the sport including Cade Sharp, Sam Bennett, Mitch Woodland, Ben Veitch, Nick Perry, Shaun Pyne and Jimmy Williamson.

Before departing on another surf trip (try getting hold of him - its a nightmare), we caught up with him on the new signing and surfing:

Welcome to the team Lewy. Your signature was pretty hot property over the last few months so why pride?

Thanks mate. I chose Pride because I've seen plenty of the boards in EBB as I work there, and I reckon they seem like they're the best boards. They all have really narrow templates, which I like. Also, the rest of the Pride team motivates me to push myself in bodyboarding because they are some of the best riders in the world.

How have the boards been going?

The boards have been going great! They are the fastest boards I've ridden and they perform really well. I currently ride Cade’s model and it's made it through some heavy surfs without a crease and still rides as if it's a new board

Being the most Junior member on the team with the likes of Cade Sharp, Sam Bennett, Mitch Woodland Ben Veitch etc..... do you reckon you will subjected to grommet abuse over the next few months with the team’s proposed movie project?

haha... I know I'm in for some grommet abuse being the youngest but as long as everyone is having a good time it's all worth it!

So what are your plans over the next 12 months? Heard an east coast stint is on the cards?

I'll be heading over east in June/July to surf with Winchester & hopefully get some good waves. Then heading to Bali with the family just after to get some more waves! I'll be traveling as much as I can this year to surf waves i have never surfed before. Also going to some of my favourite spots on a regular basis like Margaret River , Rottnest island and Mandurah.

What are your competition goals over the next 12 months?

I hope to make it to nationals and be a finalist in under 18/s and get as far as I can in opens. I'd also like to compete in a few Aussie tour events to improve my competition skills.

Anyone else you feel you need to give a plug to?

Reeflex Wetsuits, Grand Flavour Clothing & EBB

Anything else of interest we should know about you?

My mum reckons I have a few bits of reef left under the skin & in my forehead from a recent accident in Margs. Either that or I’m growing a 3rd eye...

The push through, or punch through technique allows surfers to get past a small broken wave and reach the lineup without having to duck dive or turtle roll.

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