Jonah Romero signs with Empire Bodyboards

Empire Bodyboards has announced the signing of Maui’s Jonah Romero.

Get ready for the Jonah signature board arriving in early January.

1. Name: Jonah Romero

2. Nickname(s): J-Rizz

3. DOB: 5/6/1987

4. Hometown: Waiehu, Maui

5. Local Spot: Churchez, K-harbor, Ledge, OTW

6. Prone/DK Ratio: 90% prone, 5% dk, 5% freestyle

7. Favorite Spot: refer to question 5

8. Favorite bodyboarders: my favorite bodyboarders are the guys paddling out with the same passion and love that they had for the sport when they first started. I just think nowadays we are so blinded by “what he has” or “what he’s getting” that we really forgot about why we do it. for the LOVE.

9. Favorite Food: day old refrigerated pizza hut pizza (prefferably pepperoni and onions.) Either that or a Subway veggie D.

10. Sponsors: Empire bodyboards, 662mob, Ally fins, Hi-Tech surf sports, and Maui Thing clothing.

11. First sponsor: Hi-Tech surf sports Maui

12. Bodyboarding influences: growing up guys of the OG maui militia: Chado, Hutaff, Kaiwi, Kayama, Kaaihue, & Ervs…also the Hubbards, REX-DOUBLE-X, and my brothers Jake & Josh.

13. Influences other than bodyboarding: The man upstairs, my mom and pops, Chad Nish, and my beautiful mixed plate momma Rusti Julia Nikitta Kamaile o na lani P.

14. Favorite move(s): Reverse air, Angry Dragon, and Birthday Sex.

15. Contests or Free Surf: Both, it’s always good to get the competetive juices flowing.

16. Phrase: “I respect that”

17. Top 5 Bands on Ipod: well the top 5 artists are: T.I, Leona Lewis, Eminem, Rihanna, and lil Wayne. be dea!

18. Top 5 Movies: Iron Will, both Transformers, 4 Brothers, A walk to Remember, and Happy Feet.

19. Board Specs: 39 inch, full crescent, single stringer. PP core.

20. What do you do besides bodyboard? work full time graveyard gangsta, hit the gym a few times a week, swim, run, sleep, and once in a while you’ll find me at the Racquetball courst at 24 smoking guys.

21. What would you do if you didn’t bodyboard? probably a fitness trainer, or a teacher.

22. What else are you a fan of besides bodyboarding? I like to watch the NBA (Lakers) and the NFL (Broncos)

23. If you were in a movie, what would you play? The bad guy turned good guy…that eventually falls in love with the most beautiful girl in the world and we’d both live happily ever after.

24. If you had unlimited money for 24 hours, what would you do? Buy every person in the world a bodyboard and fly em to the ocean so they can experience just for a little while the same Joy and Love we as watermen are so fortunate to experience on a daily basis.

25. If you were a comic book character, who would you be? Iron Man, because he’s just a human being that tries to do good with the resources given to him.

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