Ryan Hardy and Mike Stewart. Guess who's competed 28 times in Pipeline?

The worlds largest bodyboarding event the Turbo Bodyboards Pipeline Pro Presented by Body Glove officially begins this Tuesday.

As the first and most prestigious stop on the 2010 International Bodyboarding Association World tour, the best riders on the planet have assembled for this premier event.

The IBA international world tour, has 20 events throughout the world, including 5 Grand Slam events that carry double ratings points held at key global locations including Pipeline.

The 200 strong international contingent of bodyboarders are the best in the world and include current world champion Jeff Hubbard. Hubbard is recovering from a recent shoulder injury, so will be limiting his surfing only to his heats during the competition.

"I tore my shoulder during training last week at pipe but it seems to be healing very well". said Jeff. "It looks like we're going to get plenty of swell in the next two weeks so I am saving myself for the competition".

Legendary 9 times world champion and Pipeline master Mike Stewart, will again line up for the prestigious competition. Mike has surfed in every one of the 28 World Bodyboarding Pro events at Pipeline and won 11, giving him a 40% success rate.

"I am feeling pretty good this year and I have been surfing quite a bit" said Mike. "There are lots of guys surfing Pipe well as always, so like they say in the olympics, anything can happen".

Reigning 2009 Pipeline champion Ryan Hardy is feeling positive for the 2010 season. Ryan is a experienced Pipe surfer and no slouch in the big waves and is a favorite going into this event. "I feel good and I am amped to be back here, I love surfing Pipe and Backdoor " said Ryan.

"I really hope that the waves pump, particularly towards the finals". Terry McKenna, the International Bodyboarding Association General Manager, is thrilled with the way that the 2010 World Bodyboarding Season is shaping up.

"Pipe is the perfect place to launch our biggest ever season and with all of the worlds best here, it's going to be a great show" said Terry.

"The swell forecasts looks great and so the event couldn't have been scripted better in Hollywood".

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) approved surfing's qualification system for the Tokyo 2020.

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