Turbo Bodyboards Pipeline Pro: showtime in Hawaii

Day two of the 2010 Turbo Bodyboards Pipeline Pro Presented by Body Glove has continued today at the insane Banzai Pipeline.

Sets were a solid 6 feet (2.0 metres) and conditions were picture perfect for the majority of the day.

The action moved into overdrive as the competition progressed through the rounds of 96, 80 and 64, eventually weaning the field down to the final 48 riders.

Hawaiian Vaj Lederman, who gained a local wild card into the event, ripped through all of his heats and was by far the stand out surfer of the day.

In the round of 96 he put together a combined wave total of 16.90. This included a near perfect 10 for a huge double barrel at Backdoor.

"From take off it looked like it was a long curving wave, right down the line, through the bowl at pipe, to backdoor and right down to Off the Wall". Said Vaj.

"I pulled into the wave and about half way down I didn't think that I was going to make it out, the wave then re-sectioned all of the way down, somehow I gave a quick chest lift and it gave me the speed to get through the next section and I just doggy doored it out of the close out.

"I am feeling really healthy at the moment and I have been doing lots of training in the water".

Vaj moves into the round of 48 where hewill face off with 24th seed Ardiel Jiminez of the Canary Islands, 25th seed Brad Hughes of Australia and South African ripper Jared Houston.

Terry McKenna, the International Bodyboarding General Manager has been thrilled with the event so far and excited by the prospects of the event concluding with one of the best swells the event has seen in many years.

"Today we saw the many different faces of pipeline, conditions changed from big and perfect, to big and messy, this means that the riders have to show there versatility to progress" said McKenna.

"The forecast for tomorrow is looking big, so lets hope that conditions are good enough to conclude it in some great waves".

The 2010 Bodyboard Pipeline Pro presented by Body Glove will take one more full day of surfing to complete, tomorrow is about a 80% chance to run with a huge 17 feet North West swell forecast to hit the North shore.

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