2010 IBA Búzios Bodyboarding: upsets in every heat

The upsets and last-second come backs that highlighted day three continued on day four. The day kicked off with round five of the men’s pro division hitting the water with very small but glassy conditions. Waves were coming in at about 1-2ft with light offshore winds. Despite the small and challenging conditions, there was no shortage of action out in the water.

Heat four produced the first big upset of the day as 9x world champion Mike Stewart (HI), who finished =3rd in last year’s Buzios event, came in third and was eliminated from competition. The very next heat, heat five, saw Jared Houston (SAF) fail to advance.

In heat six of round five, we saw the next big come-from-behind rally. For most of the thirty minute heat, Uri Valadão (BRZ) sat further down the beach from the other competitors waiting for waves the never came his way.

With less than ten minutes remaining, He paddled back up toward the middle of the beach to try and find better scoring waves. Uri put together a couple of solid scores to get himself back into contention. It wasn’t until the very closing seconds, though, that Uri caught the wave he was looking for and used it to move into second place and advance to the next round.

In heat eight of round five, there was a bit of intrigue and drama. About half-way through the heat, Leandro Chagas (BRZ), whom had put on a very strong performance through the early round of competition winning each of his heats, was sitting in second place.

Leandro looked poised to advance, yet again, when he was hit with an interference penalty for a run in with Marcus Lima (BRZ). Following a second interference penalty, an extremely frustrated Chagas exited the water with time still remaining in the heat.

Surviving the upsets, last-second comebacks, and drama in the men’s division were Amaury Lavernhe (REU), Tainan Monte (BRZ), Mark McCarthy (SAF), Paulo Barcellos (BRZ), Pierre Lois Costes (FRN), Rafael Paes (BRZ), Magno Oliveira (BRZ), Guilherme Mesquita (BRZ), Herman Castro (BRZ), Diego Cabrera (SPN), Guilherme Tamega (BRZ), Uri Valadão, Erisberto Abrantes (BRZ), Jeff Hubbard (HI), Lucas Nogueira (BRZ), and last year’s Buzios men’s champion Eder Luciano. They will face off tomorrow in man-on-man heats in round six.

Competition shifted to the women’s pro division quarterfinals to wrap up the day. With the tide dropping out and conditions deteriorating, the women hit the water for thirty minute woman vs. woman priority heats.

In heat one, Isabela Sousa (BRZ) dominated Lorraine Lima (BRZ). In heat two, Nicole Calheiros (BRZ) defeated Joany Duarte. Heat three saw Eunate Aguirre (SPN) put out Karla Costa Taylor (BRZ), and heat four saw Maylla Venturin take an early lead and hold off Luz Marie Grande (PRC) in the final minutes.

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