2010 Arica Chilean Challenge: this is the way it started

The Arica Chilean Challenge, the Fourth Stage of IBA World Tour, was started in perfect conditions with 6-8 feet waves at El Gringo. The first round was completed along with five more heats of round 2 were completed on this first day.

Chilean Miguel Encina had a great performance and got the highest total of first day. With a good combination of maneuvers Miguel totaled 15.00 points out of a possible 20 in his heat.

Also from Chile, Sebastian Kreft achieved the best wave of the day, getting 8.83 out of 10. The top-16 will debut only in round 5, that should happen on 3rd day of competition.

This year in Arica, the competition is facing a unusual problem, the forecast of a 20 feet massive swell for May 20th. "With a swell that big, El gringo won't hold the waves. We are planning to run everything before the 20th." said Chico Garritano Head Judge of the competition.

A new call is scheduled for Sunday at 7:15 (Local time).