Bodyboarding: thank you, Mr. Tom Morey

Bodyboarding was invented in 1971, by the American surfer, entrepreneur and musician Tom Morey. On July 7, he cut a rectangular shape of polyethylene foam and covered it with newspaper.

The first bodyboard was born and history was made. Bodyboarding will be 40 years old in 2011.

Also called 'boogie board', because of Tom's passion for music (the boogie rhythm), the new wave riding formula was inspired in the Bahá'í Faith, a religion that focus on the spiritual unity of all humankind.

In 1975, Tom Morey sold his Morey Boogie company and only returned to the surfing business in 1999 to create the Starwaves and brands.

By the late 70s, more than 80.000 bodyboards were produced and sold in the USA. He now calls himself "Y".