Sintra Portugal Pro: turn your PC upside down to experience new vision

The second day of the Sintra Portugal Pro got underway today in small clean waves on what always looked like the worst day of the forecast.

Once again the best performer of the day was Hayato Enokido (Japan) who picked up a paddling interference in the first five minutes and was sitting in third place needing an excellent score to progress.

Hayato picked up a right hander in the closing stages that only had a small wall and punched off the best move of the day with a crazy ARS that netted him an 8.5 and a spot in the next round.

“The waves here have more power and I like to work with the lip” said Enokito.

“One day I want to make the Top 16. The sport is getting bigger again in Japan and I want to represent my country well”.

Another rider turning heads at Sintra is Shane Meehan (Ireland) who has been using excellent wave selection and solid surfing to dominate most of his heats.

Other heat winners included Alberto Collucci (Venezuela) Yusako Kyotani (Japan) Cesar Para (Venezuela) Jon Lopez (Spain) Tiago Silva (Portugal) Aritz Larrinaga (Basque) & Nicolas Rosner (Germany).

After the Men the first round of the Drop knee hit the water but with an incoming tide the competitors struggled and after the forth heat the event was put in hold until tomorrow.

The forecast is showing a solid increase in swell overnight so organizers will be pushing for an early start and hope to surf three rounds of the Pro men as well as another round of the women. This will see the Top 16 hit the water mid afternoon so the action is bound to be red hot.