Azurara, Vila do Conde, Portugal: the photograph by Zoltan Balogh won the Travel's 2010 Photo Contest by The Washington Post

An incredible bodyboarding photo has conquered the "Travel's 2010 Photo Contest" by The Washington Post.

The brilliant image was captured by Zoltan Balogh, from Budapest, in Azurara Beach, in Vila do Conde, in the North of Portugal.

Balogh was on holiday along the Portuguese coast with his mother when a bodyboarder crossed the path of the sun.

More than 1,600 photos were sent for this contest. Zoltan Balogh captured this image with a Konica Minolta 7D.

"It was the unique moment I was waiting for. It was really perfect, with the surfer, the reflections of the sun and the dramatic clouds and colors," Balogh told The Washington Post.

"When I took this picture, I knew it was one of the most beautiful moments of my photography career."

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