Deeply Surfusiom: back to Ferrol

In the aftermath of the Pantin Surf Classic, the Galician coast prepares for another wave challenge, this time with the Deeply Surfusiom 2010, from 2nd to 5th September.

The 7th edition of this IBA World Tour event will be held at the Doniños Beach, Ferrol, in the North of Spain.

Amaury Lavernhe, the newly crowned 2010 world bodyboarding champion, will hit the waters of Doniños.

"I had already planned to come to Ferrol because I enjoy the waves of this region", he said.

2010 IBA World Tour ranking after the Sintra Portugal Pro 2010

1. Amaury Laverhne (RE)
2. Pierre Louis Costes (FR)
3. Guilherme Tamega (BRZ)
4. Jeff Hubbard (HAW)
5. Diego Cabrera (CAN)
6. Jared Houston (SFX)
7. Ben Player (AUS)
8. Dave Winchester (AUS)
9. Dave Hubbard (HAW)
10. Damian King (AUS)

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