Scion Jenks Pro 2010: no way to hide

The Scion Jenks Pro kicked off with the Drop Knee Pro division today with epic 4 ft conditions. Sammy Morretino was a clear standout as the 15-year-old Kauaian dominated wave after wave with big snaps and barrels.

Drop Knee Champ Brian Steroh was knocked out by Sammy and Dan Worley narrowly. Jeff Hubbard’s backside attack kept his drop knee roll going as he just arrived from a 2nd place finish at Sintra (IBA World Tour event). Runner up to Jeff was North Carolina’s Ryan Rhodes.

After the Drop Knee Rd1 finished the following division was an expression session in the form of the USBA Team’s Challenge. The Hawaiian team of JB Hillen, Trevor Kam, Mark Balasbas, Jeff Hubbard and David Phillips dominated with two 9’s as their top scores winning the division and bragging rights!

The finals of the Drop Knee Pro will run Saturday with the men’s pro main rounds. Surf conditions are forecasted to be epic. Tomorrow will be round 1 of men’s pro with an 8am EST start time.

Source: USBA

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