Israel Salas: warm water and nice beach views

The Bahia Bodyboarding Show started on Tuesday at Armação Beach with good conditions. On this first day, only the men riders competed in 3-4 feet waves.

The best rider today was the local Israel Salas. Competing on his local beach, Israel got two good waves and combined 14.67 points out of a possible of 20.

“The conditions were difficult and in this kind of sea we need to stay calm. I’m very happy with result but i want more. So i’ll keep focused on event and I’ll try to win more heats”, said Israel.

The woman will debut tomorrow. Isabela Sousa is the current leader of WWT with Maylla in second place and Eunate Aguirre in 3rd.

Jessica Becker is also competing in Bahia and she is very excited to debut in the event. “I’ll try to improve my last result here (she was third place last year). This is my goal”, said Jessica.

The next call will happen this Wednesday at 09:00.

Source: IBA World Tour

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