Naara Carolyne: keep the pace, girl

The second day of Bahia Bodyboarding Show saw some great performances on Armaçao Beach. The Japanese Akiko Sato won two heats and show to Brazilian crowd a good level of surfing.

“This is my first time here in Brazil. I’m very happy with my results. The people here is very nice”, said Akiko.

Neymara Carvalho and Naara Carolyne also competed on this second day and both advanced to round 3.

“Since 2008 I used to compete on round of tops, but this year i need to compete on trials. I’m very happy with my victories”, said Naara that not competed last year because was pregnant.

On this Wednesday the men also competed on Bahia and the Brazilian Thiago Limeira had the best performance of today. With a 9,67, high score of event, and 15,67 points out of a possible of 20, the Brazilian won his heat and move to next round.

Tomorrow the top-16 will debute on event. Riders like Eder Luciano, Uri Valadao, Hugo Pinheiro, Paulo Barcellos, Manuel Centeno and Airem Cabrera will start to compete for the U$20.000,00 and 1000 points.

Next call will happen this Thursday at 09:00 (local time).

Source: IBA World Tour

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