Leandro Chagas: stoked and emotional

Brazilians have completely dominated the Bahia Bodyboarding Show 2010.

Leandro Chagas has conquered the Men's event, while Neymara Carvalho took the Women's competition.

"I'm very happy. This victory is for everyone from Bahia. I can only wish the best for my people. I'm very happy with the result. This is my first year as a professional and I can't tell exactly what I'm feeling, " told the very emotional bodyboarder.

In the final heat, Chagas defeated fellow Iraí Rodrigues, from Pernambuco.

Neyma Carvalho defeated Spanish Eunate Aguirre with the best wave of the event.

"I wanted to see if I could compete on equal terms. I am very happy to have won here and next year I'll be back to fight for my sixth world title," she said.

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