IBA World Tour: relax, McKenna won't be leaving

Professional bodyboarding will be entering a new era. Terry McKenna, general manager of the International Bodyboarding Association, has announced that the IBA World Tour is taking a "quantum leap forward", after closing a deal with a group of investors to have a company managing the 2011 tour.

"The current team has taken the sport as far as we could with the limited resources we had, but this new company (IBA Pty Ltd) will take it to a whole new level," stated McKenna.

Gregg Taylor, bodyboarder and businessman, is taking the lead of the investing group.

The new plan for pro bodyboarding includes:

* A new website and content manager
* A new TV series on each of the GSS events
* A new surfing format and two-tiered system (Grand Slam Series GSS & Global Qualifying series GQS)
* New venues like Tahiti and Mexico, as well as Box and Fronton.

Gregg Taylor is already working and looking for new contracts with European sponsors. Terry McKenna will be the 2011 IBA Tour manager. More details, soon, here at SurferToday.com.

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