Mark McCarthy: the South African star

South Africa is shaping up for the biggest payday everĀ for a single bodyboarder in the country's history of the sport. The Anytime Holiday Rentals Xtreme Bodyboarding Showdown will be attended by the best bodyboarders from 13rd-17h December, in Margate. The event is part of the South Coast FeverX Games global competition.

The best overall bodyboarder will take home R10 000, which means more than $1,400USD. Mark McCarthy, the South African bodyboarding star, has already confirmed his place in the event, just days after the IBA World Tour stage of the Canary Islands.

Competition will run in the best day of surf of the waiting period. The contest will be extended from Port Edward in the South, to Scottburgh in the North.

"Traditionally bodyboarders have been the pioneers of world's most extreme surf breaks. We plan to put our sport in the media spotlight at the forefront of extreme water-sports where it deserves to be" tells event organizer Martin Otto.

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