Gastao Entrudo: the last one to close the door?

The 2010 IBA World Tour is about to end in full glory. The pro bodyboarders are heading to the 2010 Confital Pro, in the Canary Islands, for the last show. It's time for tough decisions and there's a lot at stake.

The best 24 riders of the world rankings will get the opportunity to shine in the future main competition - the Grand Slam Series (GSS). The remaining bodyboarders will compete in the Global Qualifying Series (GQS).

Right now, the last four surfers of the 24 are:

Gastão Entrudo (Portugal)
Hugo Pinheiro (Portugal)
Jones Russell (Australia)
Mark McCarthy (South Africa)
Paulo Barcellos (Brazil)

If they get a good result in Confital, the GSS will include them.
If not, there are five other competitors in good position:

Manuel Centeno (Portugal)
Guilhermo Cobo (Canary Islands)
Luis Villar (Brazil)
Hermano Castro (Brazil)
Dallas Singer (Australia)

The 2010 Confital Pro will get a first class webcast. Stay tuned.

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