Confital Pro 2010: white water dreams

In the second day, the classic Confital wave didn't deliver the best waves for a pro bodyboarding competition. The organization decided to head to the Galdar region.

Competitors found minimum surfing conditions at La Guancha and round tow hit the waters. The male bodyboarders were first and the local Canary riders are still showing signs of impressive talent. The ladies got quality waves and, therefore, very good wave scores.

The standouts were Chiaki Okuyama (Japan), Ann Lacoste (France) and the new wonder boogie slider Alexandra Rinder (Canary Islands). She is only 13 years old but promises to be one of the best bodyboarders in the world.

Finally, the DK riders opened their round where Hawaiian Kona Kuialani and former women’s world champion Marina Taylor went mad.

The event will resume tomorrow in the beach with the best conditions for contest. In the last four years, Confital has never failed to produce world class waves.

It was the year of the first soft landing on the Moon. In 1966, "Peanuts" went surfing. And skateboarding. Or at least, they tried to ride a few waves through mind surfing.

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