Cesar Bauer: veni, vidi, vici

Cesar Bauer conquered the 2010 IBA Drop-Knee World Championship. The Peruvian bodyboarder has had an incredible day in the Canary Islands.

In his first year as a pro rider, Bauer reaches the final of the 2010 Confital Pro DK and secures the world crown.

But it was hard for the South American bodyboarder. Dave Hubbard fought the battle until the last minute and even stole the show with a Perfect 10 wave. The US bodyboarder took the exit way in the semi finals while Cesar got through to the final heat.

A huge crowd cheered the Peruvian in the beach and party took place immediately.

In the prone competition, it's time for the last waves. Mike Stewart, Ben Player, Damian King, Uri Valadao, Amaury Lavernhe, Jeff and Dave Hubbard, Andre Botha, Guilherme Tamega, Pierre Louis Costes and Paulo Barcellos will be struggling to win the last event of the 2010 IBA World Tour.

Women's Final

Eunate Aguirre
Chiaki Okuyama
Natasha Sagardia
Neymara Carvalho

DK Final

Dave Winchester
Cesar Bauer
Ardiel Jimenez
Amaury Laverhne

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