Dallas Singer: lucky boy

The 2010 IBA World Tour has been finished. It was a great year of bodyboarding and it crowned an European bodyboarder.

The French Amaury Lavernhe is the rider who took the first place of the podium.

But. the end of the year brought very interesting news. The future world bodyboarding championship is right around the corner and the best 24 prone competitors have been decided.

They will all be making part of the brand new Grand Slalom Series (GSS), the Dream Tour of Bodyboarding. These 24 riders secured their golden ticket for the next season in Confital, Canary Islands, the last stage of the 2010 IBA World Tour.

The 2011 GSS bodyboarders will be:

1 Amaury Laverhne
2 Pierre Louis Costes
3 Guilherme Tamega
4 Dave Winchester
5 Eder Luciano
6 Diego Cabrera
7 Jeff Hubbard
8 Ben Player
9 Mark McCarthy
10 Jared Houston
11 Jake Stone
12 Yeray Martinez
13 Ryan Hardy
14 Uri Valadao
15 Dave Hubbard
16 Lucas Nogueira
17 Damian King
18 Mike Stewart
19 Manuel Centeno
20 Michael Novy
21 Guillermo Cobo
22 Magno Oliveira
23 Gastao Entrudo
24 Dallas Singer

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