El Fronton: prepare to reach Heaven

The energy is about to explode. They want to hit the waters. Anxiety rises. The 2010 Wild Wild Wave El Fronton Invitational will commence in the next hours, as the swell prepares to hit the famous wave of the Canary Islands.

It will be gnarly and every pro rider knows it. "It's like a semi-family competitive vibe and we're doing things together but I think as soon as that hooter sounds it's going to be pretty fierce out there", says Damian King.

Ryan Hardy is also looking forward to show off in one of the scariest wave spots of the planet. "Actually the best thing about the Canary Islands is that it's a bodyboarding island. Period", says 'Hardballs'.

The waiting game continues but the green light is nigh. Stay tuned for a monster 2010 Wild Wild Wave El Fronton Invitational.

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