Rennies Beach: good vibes

The 2011 Dunno & Kegs Memorial Surfing Classic will be held between 5th-6th March, at Rennies Beach, Ulladulla, Australia.

The bodyboarding competition is a charity contest in memory of two local Ulladulla riders killed in the Bali bombings. The annual event is a bodyboarding and boardriding competition to keep the brotherhood alive and Dunno & Kegs' love of the beach and surfing.

The divisions will be: Bodyboarding Opens, Under 17s, Girls, Drop-Knee and Surfing Open, Under 17s, Girls. The heats are of four wave riders during 20 minutes, with professional judges.

The 2011 Dunno & Kegs Memorial Surfing Classic is expecting professional bodyboarders and surfers displaying their skills along with other competitors from all the South Coast of Australia.

Ulladulla Bodyboard Club members, Craig Dunn (Dunno) and Danny Lewis (Kegs) were killed, in Bali, on October 12, 2002. They were armed with freedom of choice, spirit of adventure, love of outdoor life, a sense of kindness to others, the love of their family and respect for all things good.

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