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Australian bodyboarders are getting fit for the 2011 Soldiers Beach Pro, the second stage of the IBA Australasia Rebel Sport Pro Tour.

The riders will hit the waters and waves of New South Wales, in Australia, from 6th-9th April. The event will follow the Queensland Pro, at Duranbah Beach.

The third event of the 2011 Rebel Sport Pro Tour will be the Box, also an IBA Grand Slam bodyboarding contest, to be held from 11th-20th April. This means all pro riders are invited to participate in three events in a three-week period.

The 5-star Box Trials will play a major role in the rankings of the 2011 Rebel Sport Pro Tour and the same applies to the 5-star SA Pro, at Knights Beach, in September.

Until November, the Australian bodyboarding championships will be pumping several competitions with the exception of May and August.

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