Justin Crossman: the new Wave Skater acquisition

Wave Skater has announced the first riders of the new bodyboarding team that will be competing on the 2011 BIA Bodyboarding Tour. Justin Crossman, a pro rider, and Buddy Mathews, amateur rider, will help Wave Skater reach a new level.

Justin Crossman, 26, comes from Carlsbad, California. "I was lucky to have my parents take me to the beach at a young age and have been in the water as long as I can remember. I have a strong passion for my surfing and traveling as it has been the main focus of my life", says Crossman (5'11" and 170 lbs).

Buddy Mathews, 24, comes from San Diego, California. "About five years ago, I started to teach myself how to ride drop knee, and it’s been an ongoing process ever since. I really enjoy the feeling of riding waves and being out in the ocean. I like going fast, so the bigger the waves, the better. My favorite breaks would have to include Horseshoes, Casas, The Wedge, Marine Street and 1000 Steps", says Mathews (6'2" and 215 lbs).

Justin and Buddy will test their skills for the new Wave Skater bodyboarding team in the next month, for the first waves of the BIA Tour, in California. As time progresses, Wave Skater will be adding new members to the boogie team.

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