Pierre Louis Costes: a new Portuguese citizen

The best bodyboarders in the world have been training hard for the upcoming IBA World Tour Grand Slam Series stage. The Box Pro, a breathtaking surf spot with gnarly drops, is very near and nobody wants to lose the first places of the world rankings.

Mark McCarthy, the South African rider, has already left the shores of Hawaii and flew over to Sydney, where he will be surfing until the Australian bodyboarding event."I am staying in a small village on the Northern Beaches called Avalon, at the moment. We had had a few good days out at Whale Beach and also went down to Black Rock for the day".

Dallas Singer is busy with his new boards. "I’ve also been working with my shaper Reon, at Fourplay, on board thicknesses and applying extras bits and pieces to increase the boards strength, without losing any performance qualities. So far so good".

Pierre Louis Costes now lives in Portugal and is preparing himself in the huge waves of the Nazaré Canyon. "Portugal has a great diversity of waves, much more than in France where it's mainly beach breaks. It reminds a little bit the south coast of Australia" says the French bodyboarder.

Dave Winchester is a family man with a tight agenda. After the Hawaiian season, the family holiday in Western Australia, the Brad Hughes wedding, he enjoys finest wedges WA has to offer.

The Box Pro will be surfed between April 14th-20th. Jeff Hubbard goes to Australia leading the GSS world rankings. Thomas Rigby is second and Jared Houston is third. The heat is on.

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