Michael Novy: don't lose your ID

Michael Novy has confirmed he will be riding ID Boards. The Australian waterman started bodyboarding around 12 years ago and is one of the respected riders of Queensland.

"What an incredible start to an incredible journey still to come. With new shapes, fresh vision, raw creativity and some amazing friends all ready to shoot the next ground breaking bodyboarding film documentary", says the ID Boards statement.

Novy is also very pleased with his new move. "What a good time for change, with so much happening in my career and in our sport. You might be amazed at such a large and radical career change that I have made by joining the ID movement, but when you see what we are up to it can only make sense, as it has been my dream and passion to help grow the sport", says Michael in his blog.

"With a company that’s owned by bodyboarders and is so focused on helping the sport grow and make a difference in the world it is a privilege to come onboard. The chance to work with my friend and master shaper Jarrod Gibson has added a strong confidence in my boards".

The Aussie bodyboarder promises to show off and to push his quality ride to new levels, in competition and free surfing.

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