Gastão Entrudo: stoked with Australia

Gastão Entrudo has been announced as the newest addition to the Grand Flavour bodyboarding team, in Europe.

The Portuguese bodyboarder has been training hard to get the best result in The Box, the second stage of the 2011 IBA World Tour. Entrudo has been surfing several Australian peaks.

Margaret River, Mandurah Edge, North Point and Cobblestones are some of the waves that Gastão has enjoyed. "This is one of the best places I've been to. Mandurah Edge is an authentic bodyboard park!", says Entrudo in his Facebook page.

Another Portuguese pro bodyboarder that is also training for the upcoming event in Australia is Manuel Centeno. The former European and World champion is stoked and waiting for the next big swell expected to hit Oceania in the next days.

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