Mark McCarthy: this is The Box

Ryan Hardy, Dallas Singer, Jared Houston, Mark McCarthy, Jeff Hubbard, Amaury Lavernhe, Magno Oliveira and Guilherme Tamega are preparing themselves for an historical bodyboarding day.

The finals of The Box Pro 2011 will be surfed in great style and deep barreling waves. "Everything points toward a dramatic and exciting finish tomorrow, the forecast is really shaping up in the best possible way", says IBA Tour Manager, Terry McKenna.

With excellent six-to-eight (two-metres plus) waves and offshore winds forecast for the final day of the IBA Box Pro, organizers have called a lay-day today.

The Box is considered one of the world’s premier bodyboarding breaks, with intense, shallow tube rides on offer and ramps providing riders with the potential for huge moves.

It has been 10 years since the professional bodyboard world tour last visited the location. Now it's time for serious competition. Who will be boxed?

The Box Pro 2011 - Upcoming Quarter Finals:

QF1: Ryan Hardy (WA, AUS) v Dallas Singer (NSW, AUS)
QF2: Jared Houston (Capetown, ZAF) v Mark McCarthy (Durban, ZAF)
QF3: Jeff Hubbard (Haw) v Amaury Lavernhe (REU)
QF4: Magno Oliveira (BRA) v Guilherme Tamega (BRA)

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