Peruvian Inka Challenge: back flipped

The best bodyboarders in the world are already gearing up for the upcoming IBA World Tour event. The 2011 Peruvian Inka Challenge is prime event, which means it's time for more Grand Slam Series' points.

The contest will be held in Chilca, Peru. "These primary events are critical and will determine next year's Top 24, so a good result here is very important for both Grand Slam Series and Global Qualifying Series", says Terry McKenna, IBA Tour manager.

Along with the Men's 6-star contest, there will be a Drop Knee Grand Slam stage with current world champion, Cesar Bauer, keen for a big showing. "Super amped to be back in my country and surfing in front of a home crowd", says Cesar. "It's a good time of the year for waves and I am looking forward to the world's best coming".

In the last year's edition, Pierre Louis Costes landed the biggest backflip in the history of the sport's competition. The French bodyboarder scored a perfect 10 in a solid left 6-footer and was crowned winner of the event.

After the Pipeline Pro and The Box Pro, the world's top bodyboarders will be fighting for crucial point in the 2011 IBA World Tour title run. Jeff Hubbard is leading the global fleet, followed by Ryan Hardy, Mark McCarthy, Jared Houston and Magno Oliveira.

The 2011 Peruvian Inka Challenge is going to be run between 11th and 15th May.

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