TAND Invitational: get ready, get barreled

South African bodyboarding will live an historical moment. For the first time and after many years of deliberation, questioning and secret trips, the Tand Invitational 2011 will be up and running from 24th June anto 8th July.

This one-of-a-kind event will showcase the premium bodyboarding talent that this country has to offer. From the underground local chargers, to the country's biggest names in bodyboarding.

The Tand Invitational 2011 will strive to deliver not only the best waves ever seen in a contest, but also the biggest airs, the deepest barrels and the heaviest beat-downs.

Thirty riders from three different provinces have been pre-selected and the top four have been voted and placed into the main event.

Sixteen riders, quarter's, semi's, final, run with the standard knock-out format, all battling out for the cash prize and for the bragging rights of being the first ever, TAND Invitational winner.

There are still two unvoted open slots. These were slots whereby the riders have been pre-selected by the contest directors. Mark McCarthy, from Richards bay, Jared Houston and Adam Morley, from Mosselbay.

West Coast:
Attie van Heerden
Tomas Degenaar
Henk Esterhuisen
Johan De Goede
Shaun Sobey

Charles Pass
Iain Campbell

Western Province:
Joshua Kleve
Jarret Johnson
Donovan Bassett
Ian Kruger
Adam Morley
Warren Baynes
Aden Kleve

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