Terry McKenna: a bodyboarding master

The 2011 ISA World Bodyboarding Games will not have the best bodyboarders in the world competing in the event scheduled for Galdar, the end of the year.

In a written statement signed by Terry McKenna, IBA Tour manager, the International Bodyboarding Association underlines that it "will not be releasing any contracted GSS (Grand Slam Series) competitors or GQS (Global Qualifying Series) riders to compete" in this ISA contest.

"IBA believes that the ISA World Bodyboarding Games were originally conceived as the pinnacle of team competition and we want to establish the essence of this event as just that in the sport of Bodyboarding. The ISA event is a great way for riders to represent their country in a team environment at the highest level before embarking on the Professional World Tour of Bodyboarding", says McKenna.

"The IBA have great respect for the role that the ISA play in the sport of surfing and we initiated communication with the ISA to confirm our stance. We look forward to working closely with the ISA to continue to develop the sport of Bodyboarding globally and to explore ways that the IBA Professional World Tour and the ISA World Bodyboarding Games can work in tandem for the benefit of Bodyboarding", he adds.

The 2011 ISA World Bodyboarding Games will be contested just days before the IBA Fronton Pro, the closing event on the 2011 IBA GSS series.

The IBA has confirmed a World Teams Challenge for the professional riders of the IBA GSS and GQS in Port Macquarie, Australia, between April 14th-21st, 2012.

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