Glen Thurston: hang in there, mate

The 2011 Turbo Zicatela Pro is pumping outstanding bodyboarding waves, as Round 1 of the leaderboard stage has been completed. Pierre Louis Costes scored an impressive combined heat total of 15.50 out of 20.

The French rider got an incredible 8.75 for a single backflip to defeat Dave Winchester, Igor Sanchez and local rider Ulises Rodriguez.

“I feel we have an amazing tour this year, even better than surfing. Its like a dream come true to be on this tour. I cant wait to go the next event”, said Costes.

Ben Player also won his Round 1 heat with a total score of 13. 40 out of 20. Player is no stranger to the Mexican or Hawaiian Pipeline, having traveled to both on numerous occasions, he knows all to well how dangerous and powerful these waves are.

“This is a heavy wave, although Pipeline has reef and this is sand, you can still break your neck out here”, Player added. “Its really heavy and dangerous.”

Jared Houston managed to defeat trialists, Tom Rigby, Joe Clarke and World Tour veteran Ryan Hardy. Houston was lucky enough to receive new boards yesterday, just in time for his first heat of the event.

“Confidence is a stain you can’t wipe off, and I was bursting at the seams on my new boards”, Houston elated. Houston will face two-time world champ Jeff Hubbard, wildcard Glen Thurson and Portugese powerhouse, Manuel Centeno in his Round 2 match-up.

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