60-year-old Nikoline fights back problem with bodyboarding

February 17, 2015 | Bodyboarding
Nikoline: life's better when you're bodyboarding

Nikol is 60 years old, and a problem in her back may put her in a wheelchair in the future. However, she has found bodyboarding.

Nikoline met Salomon Moore, a temporary bodyboarding instructor, in Fuerteventura. Her passion for the water and ocean did the rest.

"I received a phone call from Pablo Prieto; he needed a substitute while he was traveling. The idea of teaching bodyboard classes wasn't my thing, but as soon as he told me the story behind it I was in," revealed Moore.

"A woman had been diagnosed with a back problem that could soon leave her in a wheelchair. I was touched by the story and thought I would make her happy, and I accepted."

Moore was surprised with Nikoline's enthusiasm, and soon realized she was learning fast. The 60-year-old bodyboarder quickly started gliding the rollers of Canary Islands' breaks. Age is nothing but a number.

"I went to Fuerteventura to get some waves until the last minute. I have something with the water. I like water. When I started bodyboarding I could feel amazing," says the young at heart grandmother.

"You're going with the energy. You catch a wave an it points you to the beach. It's amazing. It's good for the soul, and you can feel its energy, It's great."

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