Bodyboard fins: thrust, comfort, durability, stiffness and price are critical variables | Photo: Shutterstock

Bodyboarders know the importance of riding waves with quality fins. Thrust, durability, comfort, stiffness and price are the main variables you have to take into consideration before purchasing a pair of bodyboard fins.

Thrust is really crucial. Whether you're competing or simply getting the most of your bodyboard, you should know when that is a "go" wave. It doesn't matter if the wave is small or big; if you decide it's a good one, you must not lose it.

Legs are for bodyboarders what arms are for stand-up surfers. Therefore, thrust plays a vital role in catching a wave. Correctly designed fins get the most out of the power of your legs and throw you into the selected wave easily. There are asymmetric and symmetric fins.

Durability is also a major factor. It's important that a $60 or €50 investment will be enjoyed for, at least, three, four or five years. Fin durability also means that you're not going to get yourself caught inside in front of a 10-foot wave set just because one of your fins is totally ripped.

All bodyboarders understand the difference between a comfortable pair of fins and a painful model. When you're riding waves for several hours or days straight, fins must be an extension of your legs rather than a hard piece of PVC or plastic attached to your feet.

Stiffness is the sum of thrust, durability and comfort. Some riders prefer flexible materials; others like harder fins that respond more quickly. There are several historical brands producing top quality bodyboarding fins, and there are cheap bodyboarding fins, too.

Churchill has been in the market since 1936. The Makapuu Swimfins are a classic choice. They use a patented construction which gives you optimum power and acceleration for catching and riding waves. Yours for $45.

Viper presents the Vector V5. These fins offer a freedom shape spreader bar pad, a dual blade hook knife, and a single overlap power belt. They feature a seven-inch blade with full-length side rails for maximum power and thrust. Yours for $69.

The Air Hubb swim fins by Hubboards are lightweight, and will float if you lose them in a wipeout. The stiff fin blade and soft foot pocket deliver the perfect combination of power and comfort. Only $49.

The Limited Edition swim fins offer formulated natural rubber for flotation and comfort, as well as a drainage hole for rapid release of sand and water. They are available in multiple sizes. Yours for $62.

There's more. The Ally ERS4 fins are made of 100 percent natural rubber, float in salt water, and can be yours for $49.

The Body Glove 12520 fins feature an ergonomically designed soft foot pocket, and a channel for for quick water release. Only $39.

Many riders are also enjoying the Hydro Tech 2 Swimfins.

The bodyboard fin review has been updated on March 15, 2018.

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