Sumol Special Edition: wipe outs are frequent in Nazare

The Sumol Nazaré Special Edition 2011, a big wave bodyboarding contest held in Portugal, has been postponed to the beginning of 2012, in conjunction with the International Bodyboarding Association calendar (IBA).

"During the waiting period, unfortunately the requirements where not completed, and will not be, for the proper conduct of the competition in terms of the swell direction, size and wind", explains Dino Casimiro, the technical director of the competition.

"Several windows of opportunity arose, but none proved, or will prove until November 01 st, to be satisfactory in accordance with requirements we feel that are important to ensure an excellent bodyboard performance as (organization, athletes and the audience) all want, in full security".

Duration, wind and waves are some of the requirements that will raise the green light for another spectacular Sumol Nazaré Special Edition.

The competition should be run in eight hours (two rounds with four heats of 45 minutes each, a final with one hour and one hour intervals between heats, rounds and final). Also, there should be no wind or constant offshore wind (weak to moderate NE quadrant, E or SE) during the contest and waves should be approximately between two and three meters.

"Praia do Norte is a unique place in the world. With certain type and direction of waves, mainly coming from WNW in the range of 290º with long period of waves, goes from one meter to six meters in a few hours. That's what happened on October 16th.

In addition to this absurd rise of the sea, the fog that was felt throughout the morning and at lunchtime intensified, coupled with moderate onshore wind that had subsequently, led us to believe that in fact we were right and that would not be the Special Day we all wanted to be", adds Dino Casimiro.

The Portuguese competition is part of the official calendar of the International Bodyboard Association and will get 24 athletes: Luís “Porkito” Pereira, Fábio “Marreta” Laureano, Gonçalo “Pitaça” Campos, Jaime Jesus, Ricardo Faustino, António Cardoso, João “Mag8” André, Gastão Entrudo, Dino Carmo, Tiago Moita Silva, Paulo Costa, Filipe “Fifi” Ferreira, Manuel Centeno, João Pinheiro, Rui Ferreira, Francisco “Chico” Pinheiro, Bernardo Barroso, Tiago Fazendeiro, João Neiva, Rui Pereira, Dudu Pedra, Jeff Hubbard, Pierre Louis Costes and Amaury Lavernhe.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) approved surfing's qualification system for the Tokyo 2020.

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