The Box: Ryan Hardy has always priority

The Box, Margaret River, Australia. They say this wave is only suited for bodyboarders. Surfers cannot ride it properly. They say this wave is square, fast, hollow, tricky and dangerous.

The Box is everything a shore break can be, plus a super vertical approach to the concepts of taking off and dropping in. If you do not respect The Box, you might get in trouble.

IBA World Tour has launched a special bodyboard documentary about this special Australian wave. Groms defend it and easily point the one to beat. Ryan Hardy, a Margaret River connoisseur, lives ten minutes away from The Box.

Forty years ago, it was difficult to reach The Box. There were almost no roads to the infamous spot. Ryan's father, Tony Hardy, was one of the first surfers to ride it.

Meanwhile, The Box gained popularity and it is considered one of the most challenging waves for bodyboarding, in the entire planet. It is no longer a hippie town, but still maintains a natural and lonely side.

Last year's extreme final day conditions set the stage for another amazing contest at one of Australia wildest slabs. When The Box comes to life, bodyboarding fans explode with joy. Fortunately, it's time to ride it again. May the gods touch Margaret River.

Surf forecasting is the process or method of predicting the behavior of swells and the breaking of the waves near the coastline.

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