El ConfitalThe storybook ending to the IBA World Bodyboard Tour continued today at El Confital in the Canary Islands with perfect 3-5 footers greeting competitors in the opening two rounds of the Men’s competition.

Unlike our Pro Surfing counterparts, the race for a World Championship has never been closer and this final event at El Confital in the Canary Islands is delivering a Grand Stand finish to an amazing year of competition.

Three IBA World Titles are up for grabs with the Men’s, Women’s and Drop Knee champions all being decided this week.

Everything about this set-up is incredible. The structure is massive and the crowds of passionate spectators are intense, but its the wave itself that steals the show. A perfect right hand point with a ramping end bowl that allows for highflying aerobatics or deep tube rides. It’s the ultimate arena for the showdown of the millennium.

Today the locals showed the worlds best how to ride Confital with a fearless approach to the opening rounds. Emesto Evana (Esp) was the days top scorer taking both the single highest score and best two wave combo to stamp himself as a serious contender.

The other highlights were coming thick and fast. Every time you looked to the line-up some local was fanging down the line and busting mind-boggling moves.  

Australian Alex Leon was the only International in the early rounds to progress through to round three with a strong performance that included a series of deep tube rides and powerful rolls. It was a successful return to the competition arena for Leon after a few years out of the spotlight.

The forecast for the rest of the week shows plenty of promise and the webcast will mean that the worlds best will be beamed live into lounge rooms of frothing fans around the globe.

Can Tamega pull off the comeback of the century? Can Uri launch his way to his first world title? Can Ben Player go back to back or will the cheeky little Frenchman Pierre Luis Costes sneak up the outside and beat them all…wait, watch and witness it all.

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