David Lilienfeld: he loved bodyboarding

David Lilienfeld, a South African bodyboarder, has died after being attacked by a four-metre great white shark, in Gordons Bay, South Africa.

The predator hit three times and severely injured the bodyboarder. David was riding waves with his brother Gustav and even tried to counterattack the shark with his board.

"David was a Springbok bodyboarder. This was his life and he died doing what he loved", David's father stated. The 20-year old rider was brought to shore by his younger brother, closely followed by the great white shark.

People in the nearby parking lot called emergency services, but David Lilienfeld had already lost a vast amount of blood and he could not be saved.

"In the name of the ISA and all delegations participating in the ISA World Junior Surfing Championship, I extend my heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of David Lilienfeld, a member of the Surfing South Africa Team and SA Bodyboarding that competed in the 2011 ISA World Bodyboard Championship in the Canary Islands", wrote Fernando Aguerre, presidente of the International Surfing Association.

As a sign of respect to him, all competitors, officials and attending public will observe a moment of silence at the start of the junior surfing competition on Friday, April 20.

The family and friends of David Lilienfeld are shocked and tears pour everywhere. Gustav and Dirk, his father, are still trying to recover from the tremendous loss.

The National Sea Rescue Institute reported six sharks in the area, after the latest attack.

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