Brahim Iddouch: the new Moroccan bodyboarding star

Is Brahim Iddouch the next big thing in professional bodyboarding? The rider from Morocco has put down a tremendous wave riding show to conquer the 2012 Arica Chilean Trials.

The new Arab sensation clinched the top place and secured himself a spot in the main event, after defeating Damian King, Alan Muñoz and Doug Smith in the Trials final waves.

Iddouch opened the book of Moroccan bodyboarding and pulled a big ARS to seal the deal, at El Gringo, Chile. With pumping 4-6 foot (2 meter) waves, Brahim proved he was not afraid of being underdog.

"I don't have words to express what I feel. I am very happy. It's hard to get a visa and surf in other countries, so this is great. I am going to relax in the hotel and prepare for the main event", said Brahim Iddouch after winning the Arica Trials.

Adam Morley and Sacha Specker will join the group of four final trialists in the grand competition. When the light's red, a large crowd of Chilean bodyboarding fans will prepare for the 2012 IBA Stealth Arica Chilean Challenge.

2012 Arica Chilean Trials Final:

1st Brahim Iddouch
2nd Damian King
3rd Alan Munoz
4th Doug Smith

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