Nomad D12 PP: bodyboard built to last

Nomad Bodyboards has announced the launch of its new purpose built bodyboard core D12 PP. The name D12 PP is derived from new cores specifications: Density 1.2pcf PolyPropylene.

This density differs from our Premium Polypro Core specification, which is 1.9pcf, an industry standard for high performance PP cores.

"In the development of D12 PP over the last 3 years, our initial aim was to provide a quality core product at a reasonable mid range price. But it is fair to say that, through testing and re-evaluating, the characteristics we have been able to engineer into D12 PP far exceeded our expectations", says Shane Britten, Nomad co-manager.

The new low density polypropylene bodyboards allowed Nomad to tweak the materials composition, and then dial in characteristics such as flex, recoil and projection.

The Australian company has been able to achieve this all while retaining durability and memory. D12 PP is also light weight and waterproof.

The boards will be produced using A-grade carbon fibre stringer set ups, which are a standard in high performance boards. Most importantly, our core does not rely on gluing 2 different grades of core together and then calling it something else.

It is a one piece core, ensuring its structural integrity and durability. The 2012/13 range will be available in the Nomad FSD team rider boards Matt Lackey, Chris James, Alex Halsey and for the first time Damien Martin's model.

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