Found Boards: new stringer, new stoke

Found Boards have announced the launch of a high performance bodyboard stringer with the ability to work more seamlessly with the core's structure of the board.

While supplying flexible tension and equalizing the distribution of flex throughout the board, the Found Torsion Stringer will be introduced in the Australia brand's collection.

"This new design, with its revolutionary stringer shape brings with it diagonal flex line characteristics resulting in a more fluid ride with spring loaded responses, allowing the rider more control and ultimately more speed", the company reveals.

The Found Torsion Stringer is newly available in the current Mitch Rawlins Signature Series and throughout the Found Absolute custom division, headed by world-renowned Foundboards shaper Jarrod Gibson.

"I knew during my first surf testing out the Found Torsion that I would never revert to a traditional stringer configuration. The new found flex and speed allowed me to spring out of moves faster and further explore my own capabilities", says Mitch Rawlins, from Found Boards.

Rawlins has kicked off Found in 2010, in the Gold Coast, after many years in competitive bodyboarding scene. Learn more about the bodyboard stringer revolution.

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