Kainoa Mcgee: bodyboarding since 1981

The wildcards for the 2013 IBA Pipe Challenge have been announced by the International Bodyboarding Association.

The IBA Wildcard committee has reviewed all nominations and submitted their personal votes for the event.

The successful wildcards for the 2013 IBA Pipe Challenge are Spencer Skipper, Kainoa Mcgee, Alistair Taylor and Andre Botha (Men) and Aoi Koike and Claudia Ferrari (Women).

The DK wildcards are Kainoa Mcgee, Miles Kauhaahaam, William Miyamoto, Micah McMullin, Chris Taloa, Joe Jordanoff, Marcus Rodriguez and Cole Hansen. The 2013 IBA Pipe Challenge is the first stage of the IBA World Tour.

The bodyboarding contest will kick-off on the 16th February, with the Trials. The main event is scheduled to start on the 19th February.

The 2013 IBA Pipe Challenge is celebrating the 30th Anniversary.

How is it that the entertainment machines, filmmakers, creatives, authors, and artists, which have churned out thousands upon thousands of stories, in seemingly every genre, topic and medium imaginable hasn't yet given wakeboarding a story? No movie? No book? No graphic novel?

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