Professional bodyboarding: learn the competition rules

Did you know that if you exceed the maximum wave quota in a heat, you'll $50 per wave to the IBA World Tour? The new IBA Rule Book is a must-read.

The International Bodyboarding Association has released its Rule Book for 2013. The document features all the issues related with professional bodyboarding.

The penalties section is tough. If a competitor misses a heat after check-in, without satisfactory reason, he will have to pay $200. If the bodyboarder wilfully damages event property, that means a fine between $500 and $5000.

The IBA Rule Book has important chapters: the IBA World Tour itself, the competition rules, the personal water craft (PWC) conditions, judging criteria, interference and priority rules.

All pro riders are invited to read and scan the document, as it represents what the IBA World Tour is and how it works. There's even a Code of Conduct for IBA staff members and bodyboarders.

The IBA Rule Book is available online.

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