Jeff Hubbard: he'll rule Kauai on April 2nd

The Mayor of Kauai has declared April 2nd as the Jeff Hubbard Day.

The multiple time bodyboarding champion from the Hawaiian Islands and his family accepted the honor and the official statement from Bernard Carvalho Jr., the Mayor of Kauai.

"Kauai is extremely proud of this native son and Keiki O Ka 'Aina for his outstanding athletic achievements on the world stage. I don't know where he is going to put this plaque because if you've been to his home, he's got so much trophies and plaques, which speak of his accomplishments", said Bernard Carvalho Jr.

The official proclamation of the Jeff Hubbard Day gathered the pro bodyboarder family, including father Mark, mother Barbara, and Mike, Liz, Savannah, Tanner and Maddison Hubbard.

Jeff Hubbard learned to bodyboard at Kalapaki Bay and graduated from Island School and Hawaii Academy. He turned professional bodyboarder at the age of 20, while simultaneously earning an undergraduate degree in Business and Marketing, as well as a MBA at the Hawaii Pacific University.

He collected seven US bodyboarding titles and three world titles.

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