XV Luso Galaico Championship: riding waves in the Iberian Peninsula

Nuno Azevedo has conquered the bodyboarding division of the XV Luso Galaico Championship, a competition between Portuguese and Galician riders.

Up to 64 bodyboarders and surfers from the North of Portugal and the Spanish region of Galicia have competed at Cabedelo Beach and Arda Beach, in Viana do Castelo.

With a mobile structure and a new live scoring system, the level of competition was high in the 2-4 foot waves on offer. Portuguese riders claimed four out of five titles at the XV Luso Galaico Championship.

Nuno Azevedo has secured his fourth trophy. Ricardo Rosmaninho, former IBA World Tour champion Manuel Centeno and João Neiva completed the podium. Filipa Fernandes won the Women's bodyboarding division.

The Luso Galaico Championship is one of the oldest wave riding competitions in the Iberian Peninsula and in Europe.

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