Exclusively Bodyboarding has announced the Dream Team 09/10, an Australian team with International presence. They are:

ALEX BUNTING / the night cat and Sydney style lord - from new technical surfing with a twist, to huge Ship Sterns, or making out Supers.  Bunts, is a great bodyboarder.

BRAD HUGHES / boundary breaker - simply the best big wave Bodyboarder in the world right now, Brad’s control to these sized waves is matched as if the waves were your 3 foot local beachy.

LILLY POLLARD / lovely lady - arguably the best Female Bodyboarder in the world, big waves, heavy hits, and an amazing competition record.

RYAN HARDY / the precision Bodyboarder - not much more can be said about Ryan just that he is the pinnacle of perfect wave riding of this decade.

THOMAS SMITH / Gold Coast technician – raw power, unique, aggressive, skill, Tom’s repertoire of moves is second to none due to QLD technical style with his own explosive flavour.

The ebb GROMS ( future )

Alex Halsey – 16 National Champ Opens, incredibly talented and on his way up through the WA ranks.  Alex is on assignment for Future Trading.

Chase O'Leary – 17 National Champ Junior, schooled in the waters of 2 X World Champ Damian King.  Chase is a superior bodyboarder for his years.

Lewy Finnegan – 14 National Champ Cadets, friendly young kid with the right attitude.  Lewy has the ability in the water to impress all and only at 14 years old.

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