Keiki Shorebreak: deep, steep and heavy | Photo: Sacha Specker

Keiki Shorebreak, located on the Oahu's North Shore, is probably the heaviest and most unpredictable slab in Hawaii.

The famous Keiki Shorebreak could easily be the perfect bodyboarding wave spot in the Hawaiian Islands. Uncrowded line-up, deep barrels and steep drops. Paradise, isn't it?

The thing is, it hurts. Keiki Shorebreak has certainly claimed many human bones, even though experienced riders are still wanting to get away from it with their hair dry.

The notorious Keiki Shorebreak is known for its TV-friendly smack downs. This suicidal wave spot is not impossible to ride. Not all hollow rides are close-outs.

Bodyboarders have managed to ride the barrel by catching waves less sandy waves and start the bottom turn very early, with the nose of the board parallel to the shore.

The Keiki Shorebreak won't tell you if you're leaving the pit unharmed. Its random break is a bodyboarding lottery, which you may be willing to accept.

The most important skill to have when challenging the Keiki Shorebreak is the air drop. How good you're at it? A wise advice would be to train it before trying the power of the Hawaiian slab.

The Keiki Shorebreak is a fun and terrifying wave, at the same time. Find it and ride it, only a half mile away from Waimea Bay.

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