Sintra Portugal Pro: sun, waves and bikinis

The Sintra Portugal Pro is celebrating the 18th anniversary, in Praia Grande.

It's the oldest uninterrupted competition on the IBA Tour calendar. Despite the severe economic crisis affecting Portugal, the event will be run as a Global Qualifying Series (GQS) event.

The Sintra Portugal Pro 2013 will take place at the renowned Praia Grande, near the beautiful historical village of Sintra, between August 27th and September 1st.

With a total 60,000 dollars in prize money, there will be three divisions surfing precious points in the rankings: Men, Women and Drop Knee.

The organization has already defined the six local wildcards for the main event. They are Stephanos Kokorelis, Rui Pereira, Manuel Centeno, Madalena Pereira, Marta Leitão and Diogo Pimenta.

Catarina Sousa, 36, has been competing in the Sintra Portugal Pro for... 18 years. She's in the beach for the entire event, watching and learning from all competitors.

"How old is Sintra Pro? Is this the 18th edition? Then, I have been competing for 18 years. Somehow I was born for competition at Praia Grande", jokes Sousa.

"Every year I say it will be the last time. I have been thinking about stopping, having a family and living a more 'normal' life. Sometimes I do feel like a bodyboarding 'statue'. But then, there's always another year, isn't it?..."

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