2009 IBA World Tour with full schedule

The International Bodyboarding Association has unveiled the full schedule for the 2009 IBA World Tour.

Its been a tricky start to the year for the promoters in the first semester with new rules and regulations to follow as well as increased prize-money for both Men & Women.

Remember that events are only 100% confirmed once the sanction fee is received 3 months prior to the competition.

With that in mind here is 2009:

IBA Tour 2009 proposed dates (WMT & WWT)*

Turbo Pipe pro         Pipeline, Oahu               Feb 17th – 27th 
                             (WMT Grand Slam)

Pipeline Women’s Pro    Pipeline, Oahu        March 31st – April 14th 
                            (WWT Grand Slam)

Katherine Melo        Santa Catarina              April  16th  – 21st                             
                            (WWT Grand Slam)

Bahia Pro               Salvadore, Brazil            April 28th  –  May 3rd

SIC Trials            Cronulla Point, NSW          July 3,4 & 5th

Shark Island Pro    Shark Island Australia      July 6th  – 26th (TBC)
                                (WMT Grand Slam)

Arica Pro            El Gringo, Chile’                 Aug 3rd   – 15th 
                                (WMT Grand Slam)

Viana Pro            Mariana Beach, Viana        Aug 12th – 16th 
Sopelana            Sopelana, Spain                Aug 18th – 23rd 

Sintra                Praia Grande, Portugal       August 25th – 30th
                          (WMT  / WWT Grand Slam)

Ferrol                Doninios Beach, Spain        Sept 2nd – 6th

Peniche’ Pro            Supertubos, Portugal     Sept 9th – 13th TBC

Rio BB Pro            Copacobana, Brazil           October 8th – 11th TBC

Miss Rio Pro            Vatijuca Beach, Brazil      October 15th – 18th TBC

BPF                Isla De Margarita, VNZ            Oct 22nd – 25th

Nazare’            Nazare’, Portugal                    Nov 1st  – 8th TBC

Açorez                Azores Islands, Portugal        Nov 10th – 15th TBC

Milkshakes Pro        Australia (WWT only)        Nov 13th – 15th TBC

Tenerife             Los Americas, Tenerife           Nov 23rd – 29th

Confital            El Confital, Gran Canaria         Dec  3rd – 12th
                        (WMT  / WWT Grand Slam)

*Bold - Grand Slam events

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