Tasmania Bodyboarding Titles: it's cold out there

Harley Ward has taken out the Surfing Tasmania 2013 State Bodyboarding Titles, at Rebounds.

Despite the onshore winds, the weather was nice and Rebounds was consistent and punchy, with solid 3-4 foot peaks exploding in front of the rocks.

The Open Men's final once again featured George Webster, who was by far the most consistent competitor of the whole event. Cameron Green sat out on first peak patiently waiting for a bomb that never came and had to settle for fourth.

Callum Wells, who has regularly found himself on the podium in the last few years, wasn't able to repeat the stronger performances of his earlier heats, coming in third.

In the end, it was last year's runner-up Harley Ward who went quietly about his business with clean, powerful reverses and rolls, proving to be superior rider and edging out George Webster for the top honours.

Surfing Tasmania 2013 State Bodyboarding Titles:

Open Men
1. Harley ward
2. George Webster
3. Callum Wells
4. Cameron Green

1. James Barwick
2. Jeremy Faulds
3. George Webster

Senior Men (27+)
1. George Webster
2. Jeremy Faulds
3. Thomas Webster
4. Troy Carson

Masters Men (35+)
1. Karl Gol
2. Troy Carson
3. Thomas Lambert

Junior Men (16-17)
1. Dean Watkins
2. Joardan Bradford
3. Nicky Richards
4. Rhys Conroy

Cadet Boys (14-15)
1. Wilson Brooks
2. Henri Norton
3. Nic Hutchinson
4. Eddy Rand

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